That's How Love Is Cover

That's How Love Is Cover

Not to be confused with their track That’s How Love Goes, That’s How Love Is is a previously unreleased track that has been unearthed and is now available on iTunes.

When Micheal Jackson died earlier this year, most figured that we’d hear many songs from his personal vault, but I didn’t imagine that there was anything left from the Jackson 5 era unreleased. But I was wrong.

That’s How Love Is features Jermaine and Michael going back and forth about love with big brother giving the little brother some of his love philosophy.

You can listen to the track by going to the J5 website and signing up for their newsletter. The track will immediately be ready for full streaming after you sign up.

The song is part of an upcoming Jackson 5 compilation called I Want You Back! Unreleased Masters, which features old J5 favorites remixed, as well as previously unreleased tracks. The album comes out on November 10.