The cover of Guns 'n Roses' "Paradise City" single

The cover of Guns

It’s hard to believe that anyone listened to “Appetite for Destruction” without coming away with the thought that Axl Rose was riding the crazy train jusssst a little bit. Hell, check out “Paradise City”, released as the album’s third single and hitting the Top Ten nearly two years after the album’s release. It starts off with chiming guitars and an almost country feel, with the memorable and easygoing chorus and the deep-voiced “oh, won’t you please take me home”s before the music revs up, Axl sets the vocals on to screech and starts singing at about 5 times the speed. It’s a little disturbing, but it’s a lot of fun, and it helps make “Paradise City” one of the most singable hard rock songs of the entire decade, with only “Livin’ on a Prayer” and “Pour Some Sugar on Me” registering in my head as more singable.

I’m not gonna go through the history of G’N R here-I’m sure the majority of you reading (all ten of you) are well aware of Guns ‘n Roses. Hell, most of you are going to piss and/or jizz on yourselves when “Chinese Democracy” finally comes out. So I leave you with this scene from one of my all time favorite movies: