Just yesterday, I wrote a small piece on the news that Nigel Lythgoe may come back to American Idol in an executive producer role. Well, that was small news compared to what the rumors are now.

By the looks of it, Ellen DeGeneres is out as judge on the show, after only one year on the job. And who’s her replacement? Um, how about Jennifer Lopez. Ok, how about maybe Jennifer Lopez? Nothing is yet confirmed, but it’s the big rumor, at least according to Lisa de Moraes, TV writer for the Washington Post.

From de Moraes:

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez appears to be the show’s new Paula Abdul. J-Lo’s career has been on the fast track to nowhere of late and, according to the Web site Deadline.com, she’s brokered a deal to step in and replace Ellen, who, in turn, had replaced Paula last season. But some sources said it was not yet a done deal. A Fox rep declined to comment.

For Idol fans, that’s a lot of information to digest in one day. It’s quite obvious to anyone watching last season that no matter how hard they tried, Ellen was simply a bad fit for the show. I’d trust her feedback on hosting stand-up comedians, but not necessarily judging a singing contest.

It only took them one week to figure out how to hide her, but it was one week too late. If you remember during Ellen’s first week, she had to lead-off with the judging early in the show and looked like a deer in headlights. Every show after that, when she didn’t lead in the judging anymore and they had Randy as the lead-off hitter, it just showed the audience how week Ellen was.

As for J-Lo, I’m not sold on her as a judge, but for different reasons. She’s not a good singer, but she definitely knows the ups and downs of both the movie industry and the music industry. In fact, she’s kind of experiencing the downs in both industries right now.

She’ll bring a Hollywood feel to the show and will immediately be the biggest star and biggest presence. But I think that’s a bad thing. Because she’s the most famous person, she’ll be expected to replace Simon, rather than who she’s truly replacing in Ellen and Paula. If she can be the Paula/Ellen, I think she’d do fine, but her presence is too big for that role, unless they really hit on who replaces Simon.

If these are all the changes, it will be a tremendous letdown. But if they have someone huge in mind for Simon (my vote is on Justin Timberlake), then I think J-Lo can work.

I’m sure this won’t be my last update about this. Maybe it’s just begun.

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