Getting sick of the usual Christmas music? It’s time you took it Straight No Chaser style!

My cousin, Justin, is a professional musician and he’s about to move to Nashville to be in a new band. Knowing how talented Justin is, I trust his taste in music. This morning, I noticed he had a video on his Facebook timeline by a group called Straight No Chaser. To show you how out of touch I am, I noticed the date on the video was June 19, 2009! They went viral and I was totally unaware of their existence! Where have I been?

Straight No Chaser is a group that came from a men’s acapella group originally from Indiana University.

A record executive heard these guys and they ended up with a recording contract. They’ve since come out with a couple of albums after their original version of “The 12 Days of Christmas” turned into a smash hit. Naturally, I had to listen to more of their music and discovered their latest gem, “Text Me Merry Christmas”.

Kristen Bell joins SNC on the recorded version of “Text Me Merry Christmas”, a song that reminds us just how important our phones have become.

Since Kristen Bell was unavailable for a performance on the Today Show, Laura Osnes sang with them.

This is the first Christmas my husband hasn’t been on active duty with the Army. As a former Army wife, I can see why this song would be very relatable to anyone who has a spouse or a significant other in a job that takes them far away from home. I was lucky enough to get to spend every holiday season with my husband; he only missed one birthday when he was on active duty and we were married. But I know a lot of other people who have missed a lot of Christmases. And there’s nothing like getting a text from someone you love if they can’t be with you in person, right?

SNC offers a fresh, fun take on “The Nutcracker”.

I’m a big fan of the original Nutcracker, but I think I could get into this performance! It definitely offers a little spicing up to the usual holiday songs that get trotted out year after year!

“Carol of the Bells” done SNC style.

I think SNC’s version of “Carol of the Bells” is one of the most unique renditions I’ve heard. As a singer myself, I have appreciation to the skill, timing, and precision it takes to pull off an acapella performance like this.

An updated version of “The Grinch”.

Great. Now I feel like watching Christmas specials…

I have a feeling I’ll be adding these guys to my holiday music mix this year! Hot young guys who can sing and have a sense of humor– what a great combination!