Just popping in to Pop Rock Nation to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!

John Paul Young sings “Love Is In The Air”.

There was a time when I routinely wore black on Valentine’s Day, but now that I have a loving husband who makes me eggs benedict and buys me chocolate and roses, I don’t mind it so much anymore. Last year at this time, I got into a ridiculous online spat with some woman from Canada who was upset because I posted this photo on Facebook.

It's true...

It’s true…

She said I had shamed all the single people on Valentine’s Day, who were lonely on the big made up greeting card “holiday”. In the interest of not hurting peoples’ feelings on Valentine’s Day, I didn’t share that photo on Facebook this year. However, I did share this one.

Enjoy Your VD!

Enjoy Your VD!

In all seriousness, over the years, there have been some nice songs about Valentine’s Day. One that immediately pops into my head was done by James Taylor in 1988.

This song really shows off James Taylor’s love of word play. Now that I have someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, I appreciate it more.

But those who don’t have a Valentine might relate more to this classic James Taylor song…

“Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight” by Lizz Wright with David Sanborn on saxophone.

As much as I love James Taylor’s original version of this song, I gotta give props to Lizz Wright and David Sanborn for this smoking hot and sensual cover. I also like an updated version James Taylor sang with the late Michael Brecker on sax. Check this out.

I love this jazzy makeover with JT singing his old hit and joined by Brecker’s soulful sax.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day, or if you’re not enjoying V.D. this year, I hope your weekend is at least fun. Here in Texas, the weather is fine, but I know many of my friends are snowed in right now. That could lead to some serious Valentine’s lovemaking! Since my husband is home today, I’m going to cut today’s post a bit short so I can enjoy my V.D. too.