I figured this would be an ideal posting, given it’s timeliness. Did you ever know that Boy George was down with the new jack swing? The Culture Club frontman scored a Top 5 R&B hit in the spring of 1989 with Don’t Take My Mind on a Trip, which was produced by producer-guru Teddy Riley (of Guy and BLACKstreet fame). This uptempo banger finds George lamenting a potentially unfaithful lover, but more interesting than the song is this clip, which was taken from a British chat show hosted by the late Paula Yates. First off, you’ve gotta love the fact that in the interview portion of this clip, George is asked what depresses him and he answers “violence”. In light of the fact that George is headed off to the pokey for a year after beating the shit out of a trick, that strikes me as more than a little ironic. Additionally, you’ve got to love the lip-synched performance with the highly caffeinated DJ, the clueless chick keyboard player and George in all his shoulder-padded glory. Enjoy, boys and girls.

*Insert joke about George going to jail here*