It seems like this week has been “Usher week” on our blog. But really, why not? Usher is a star and these days, there are so many fly by night artists that we should celebrate the artists that continually fill the appetites of their fan bases. Though Usher’s first CD (way back in 1994) didn’t really make an impact, his second did in a big way, thanks to this single, You Make Me Wanna. I actually remember going to a record store with my then girlfriend and buying the single because she was so crazy for it. How many times do you remember buying a certain song or album? That’s the impact this one made.

– How much money do you want to bet that dude isn’t playing one lick of that guitar?

– Is he wearing the Jordan XIs?

– This song made every guy question any male friends their girlfriends had. It was like, “You like this song, ok, you can’t have anymore guy friends.”

– What do the fish in the aquarium have to do with this song?

– Ha! If you squint a little, I think you can see Jermaine Dupri.

– Based off this video, you can tell dude has some dance skills, but I didn’t think he’d be the closest thing to MJ that he became. Wait, I think Chris Brown might’ve taken the closest thing to MJ on the dance floor mantle.

– Why did they all take off their shoes? Was it to tell us that they were dancing with their laces untied?

– What kind of speed bag dancing was Jermaine Dupri doing at the end of this video?

The man is still singing and dancing 11 years later. And he probably won’t be stopping anytime soon.