GG is headed out of town, so he entrusted me with the Throwback column this week. With Memorial Day weekend hearalding the beginning of summer, I thought it would be a good idea to post this classic video.

A lot of people give The Eagles shit. They gave ’em shit back in the day for being a laid-back California rock/country band (and for selling a shit-ton of records), and they give ’em shit today for charging hundreds of dollars per concert ticket (and also because Don Henley and Glenn Frey seem to be complete and total douchebags). All I can say to that is…they won’t be the last assholes to make good music. I’m a huge fan of The Eagles and while I can’t say Frey even made enough good solo material to make a good Greatest Hits EP, Henley’s work is as solid as it is frequent. His solo career has consisted of: 1982 album, 1984 album, 1989 album, 1995 hits comp, 2000 album…that’s it.

Anyway, “The Boys of Summer” is more of a reflective song than it is a “lay the blankets out and crank the radio up” kind of song. It has that END of summer, wistful feel, which I’m sure those of us who are undergoing some kind of transition-whether it be graduation or aging or whatever-can relate to. Bottom line-it’s a fantastic fucking song. That synthesizer part is one of the most recognizable parts of any song from that era-right up there with the drumbeat that opens “Billie Jean” and the sax part that opens “Careless Whisper”. Enjoy, and have a safe and enjoyable weekend.