Hey, it’s still Friday on the West Coast.

My dad was very slow to any sort of new kind of music. But every once in a while he’d surprise me with something that was kind of hip. Enter Neneh Cherry.

Cherry has always been this mysterious musical figure to me. I’m almost sure that I haven’t heard anything else except Buffalo Stance, but I should have right? She’s this eclectic artist with a great name and even named her first album Raw Like Sushi. Like, shouldn’t she have been a break out star?

– Even though this video was probably shot in 1989, it’s still far closer to the videos of the 80s than of the 90s.

– Huh? Sucka.

– No money man can win my love either Neneh.

– I wonder how much the gold toothed smile dude got paid to be in this video for 2 seconds.

– She really needed about 5 hours worth of acting classes for this video, but it’s great in all of it’s terribleness.

– How do you like that fat gold $ around her neck?

I didn’t know this, but this song was a number three single on the top 100 charts and number one on the dance charts.

Pops was right on the money with this one.