It was just about a year ago when most of us first heard of Iyaz via his debut single “Replay”, which ruled the airwaves all last fall ultimately reaching the top of the Billboard Pop chart. The Beluga Heights (j-j-j-j-j-r) artist and Sean Kingston protege (wait, Sean Kingston’s old enough to have a protege?) followed that song up with the lovely “Solo”, which copped a hook from Janet Jackson but failed to really take off at radio this spring; he’s since made guest appearances on singles by two teen pop newcomers, Charice and Auburn. Here he’s returning with his third single, another summery sweet, and squeaky clean Carribean-flavored dance pop dittie that should go over well with all the kiddies. And by kiddies, I mean toddlers. How big is Iyaz’s love for you? Sooo big! How big is Iyaz gonna spend it up? Sooo big! How big a hit is this song going to be? Sooo… err… well, we’ll see. (Aww, man, not “we’ll see”! I hated when my mom said that!)

Iyaz “So Big”

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