Weezer have a new song out (for free download from iTunes this weekend). It’s called “Represent”, and it’s billed as the unofficial theme song for the US World Cup Team. Opening with the sounds of a cheering crowd and a self-consciously squishy synthesizer intro that is hilarious and, well, you know, inspiring. And by inspiring, I mean, it inspires me to take my Cutting Crew vinyl out for a spin. It essentially announces itself as a song in search of a movie montage; and given that it’s the theme song for a team that, almost by design, has as much chance of winning the World Cup (a prize that rings suspiciously European, and therefore irrelevant or even dastardly, to even many American sports die-hards) as I have of winning the Super Bowl against a team of 12 Ditkas and God, it couldn’t be more a more appropriate big duh of an anthem. Seriously, the only way that this could possibly pack more delicious cheddar into this song is if they’d gotten Joe ‘Bean’ Esposito to guest on it. Goal!