Allison Iraheta was the female favorite in last season’s American Idol. She was one of the younger contestants, but carried a voice well beyond her years.

It was impressive to watch her be a teenager on the stage, slightly nervous and had a look on her face that said, “I can’t believe I’m here.” But once the music came on, she turned into one of American Idol’s most polished singers.

Allison Iraheta with her American Idol brethern

Allison Iraheta with her American Idol brethern

With her new single, Friday I’ll Be Over U, she and her producers do something that’s going to be very necessary with her. They’re keeping her young. She has such an “adult” sounding voice, but in order for her to sell records, her young spirit is going to have to not only shine through, it’s going to have to slap us across the face when we’re listening to her songs.

When I sent this over to Money Mike to listen to, I said they were turning her into a younger Kelly Clarkson. He was in agreement, though with a little bit of Avril Lavigne thrown in.

Check out for yourself. You can listen to her single at and also read the interview they have with her.

Come back here and let us know what you think. Is this as strong of a single for her as I think it is?