Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is making headlines, and not necessarily based on what the Dolphins are doing this year. Ross has been successful at bringing in celebrity minority investors, with the latest being Black Eyed Peas’ star Stacy Ferguson, aka Fergie.

Ross has been able to secure other music heavyweights like Marc Anthony and Gloria Estefan (with husband Emilio) as minority owners. He also has a partnership with Jimmy Buffet, who can’t become an actual investor because of his stakes in the casino business, which is against the rules of the NFL. Tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams have also bought in.

You may wonder why Ross is turning to celebrities to invest into his team. Well, it’s not really about the money. He’s been quoted as saying that It’s more about the excitement in the community that it creates. Not every team can turn to Gloria Estefan and ask her to do a halftime show. Maybe the old band can become the Miami Dolphins Sound Machine?

Expect Fergie Ferg to be doing halftime shows and National Anthems soon enough. But the buck will stop if decides that he wants to run the Wildcat.