Need a laugh? I highly recommend listening to a little Fascinating Aïda today.

There’s a video that has been passed around for awhile that is especially appropriate for people who enjoy travel and want to do it cheaply. I first became aware of it when my friend Bruce posted it to my Facebook wall. It surfaced again the other day in a military Facebook group of which I am a member.

He’s a hilarious song about cheap flights… Anyone who has flown on Ryanair can relate. Personally, I spring for a less chintzy airline, not that it matters much.

This song cracked me up quite a bit. Not only are the women in this video great singers, but their lyrics are hysterical. I had to find out more about them, so I visited their Web site. I learned more about the talented folks who make up Fascinating Aïda, a musical comedy cabaret group that has been around since the dark ages of 1983. Fascinating Aïda was founded by original members, Dillie Keane, Marilyn Cutts, and Lizzie Richardson. From 1983 until 1989, the three original members made people laugh with their brand of hilarious music. In 1984, Adele Anderson joined the group. Anderson and Keane are still members today, joined by Liza Pullman.

Issy Van Randwyck sings “Song of Singapore”.

Many other singers have been a part of this popular British group, including Issy Van Randwyck, a singer I came to know after purchasing The Glory of Gershwin, a compilation of Gershwin songs featuring work by the great harmonica player, Larry Adler. Van Randwyck sang a great version of “I’ll Build A Stairway to Paradise.”

I have many friends who are teachers… and quite a few are English teachers. I know one in particular who will relate to this brilliantly.

And since it’s Christmas, it’s only fitting that I include this very rude Christmas song. Be warned. It’s not safe for work.

This is good every day advice, but it especially applies during the holidays…

Given the way the stock market has been performing lately, this song should be required viewing for anyone who has invested… I have been watching my stocks fall with dismay.

I probably should have listened to this song before I invested.

Now that I live in Germany again, it may be time to take a trip to London and see these ladies perform live. For now, I may have to content myself with one of their DVDs. As funny as the music is, it’s even better to watch them.