Here are some albums you would see on the shelves if I ran the zoo.

Beatles – The Beatles Christmas Album
Let’s get a legitimate issue of the annual Christmas recordings the Beatles made for their fan club.  You should hear these.  They are so much fun.  Bonus track would be the Christmas record Paul made for the other three.

John Coltrane and Jimi Hendrix – Winter Spirituality
Neither Coltrane nor Hendrix seemed all that “Christian” but it’s clear from their music and interviews that they thought about God a lot.  They both searched for ways to express themselves.  Maybe they could have found it together.  I’d want Jimmy Garrison on bass, but I’m torn between Elvin Jones and Mitch Mitchell. 

Various Artists – Harry Smith Anthology of Christmas Music
Compilations of scratchy old blues and country Christmas songs already exist.  I just think Harry Smith could have done it better.  He’s dead so maybe R. Crumb could pick the tracks. 

Stephen Colbert – A Colbert Christmas
Take the songs from this year’s holiday special, write a few more, and put them out. 

Audience participation would make this a lot more fun.  Ideas, anybody?