Hopefully, if you are reading this site, it’s because you love music.

Hopefully, if you love music, you support the artists who make the music by buying, and not only stealing music (hey, it’s not like I don’t use LimeWire from time to time myself, OK?).

Hopefully, if you buy music, you buy physical product, because who wants music to be just a file on a computer? I like my music to be tangible-something you can feel, touch and see as well as hear. Nothing makes me happier than my CD and record (and even a few tapes scattered around still) collection.

A group of independent record retailers have banded together to start Record Store Day. On this day, many retailers across the country have sales and special events (and goodie bags, if the special events and sales alone don’t entice ya). Today, April 18th, happens to be Record Store Day 2009, and I will be doing my part by heading out to a couple of local stores, hopefully grabbing some cool swag, checking out a band or two, and probably by buying a CD or three or six.

Visit www.recordstoreday.com to learn more.

See you at the record store!!