Legendary club CBGBs, the acknowledged home of American new wave and punk, has received massive media coverage this week as the famous nightspot closed its doors.

The kids grooving to Blondie or The Ramones 30 years ago are now AARP-eligible and the energy and magic bestowed by the club seems somewhat tame.

That’s why the big surprise that the club might move – intact, no less – to Las Vegas to become part of the tourist kitsch that makes up the excess of America’s wasteland.

Some things are better left as memories. While closing the club was a shame, do we really need someone tromping through the insides where a musical genre was honed and treating it like some tourist attraction? No. Here in America, we save that for government buildings and churches.

You know what The Ramones would say, right? That’s right. “Fuck it. When do we go on?”

Spinning In The CD:
Today seemed like the perfect day for Green Day’s Bullet In A Bible, mostly the American Idiot live portions. Nothing like good ole’ Billy Joe hollerin’ at England like the massive stadium was CBGBs itself. England, that’s Tre Cool!