Make no mistake that Cake is John McCrea’s band not simply a band he fronts. The multi-instrumentalist also writes much of the group’s music and his unique deadpan vocals make him consistently garner attention from fans and critics.

Formed in Sacramento, California in 1992, Cake has suffered through a constantly shifting lineup of musicians with McCrea being one of the few constants. Popular on college radio, Cake first came to national prominence with The
, a single that led to Fashion Nugget reaching platinum status for selling one million copies.

Known for their smart and smart-aleck lyrics and a healthy does of musical experimentation a la Elvis Costello, Cake had its biggest album chart success with 2001’s Comfort Eagle, which despite only a minor hit, landed at #13 on the mainstream Billboard charts and sold 537,000 copies. McCrea also took time out to duet with Ben Folds on fan favorite Fred Jones Part 2 from Folds’ Rockin’ The Suburbs album.

The band, with some old members returning, recorded Pressure Chief, its fifth major label release, in a converted house in Sacramento and immediately announced touring plans, including a benefit for tsunami aid.

–G. Bounacos