Artist: Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears

Album: Daffy’s Elixir

… But then there’s her reaction the first time she heard Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears: amused disbelief. “Are you listening to this on purpose?” {I was} “… It’s so cheesy! And ’70s!” Now, rather than sniping about an INXS fan calling anyone’s music “cheesy”, I will take the high road bryan_scary_daffys_elixirand concede her points. *If*, by cheesy, we mean that Bryan Scary albums are full of extravagant pop songs, built with the obvious goal of giving us pleasure. As for the other part, well, yeah: singing in a compromise between Paul McCartney’s playfulness, the helium-voiced purity of Sparks’ Russell Mael, and the rich auto-harmonies of Queen’s Freddie Mercury, he keeps trying to make the best album of 1976. Fortunately,