Bret Michaels took home the top prize on this season of Celebrity Apprentice, although the show’s sponsor Snapple agreed to a matching $250,000 donation to the show’s second place finisher Holly Van Peete, who was playing for her own foundation for autism research. It was a great cap to a crazy couple of months for the former hair metal demi-god who’s been hospitalized repeatedly for various ailments, most recently this week for a “warning stroke”, which cast doubt on whether he would be able to appear on the show’s live season finale tonight. He was there, and looking a little gaunt, but otherwise fighting fit.

All that said, maybe the greatest moment of the show, for me, was catching a glimpse of PiL’s John Lydon in the audience giving a standing ovation for Snapple’s decision to award a prize to both finalists. (See about 0:58 of the video below.)