''The Postelles''

Last summer, The Postelles put out what turned out to be one of the cutest and most durable singles of the year with a song called “White Night”. An account of a night of clubbing in New York City that ends not-so-well, the song had an irresistible retro vibe that split the difference between late 50s rock n’ roll and late 70s power pop with just a touch of the Strokes, circa 2001. The verses build to a goofily unhappy call-and-response (“Tell me do you like that? I don’t think I like that”) leading into a relentless head-bobbing rave-up of a chorus. It was a great driving song, and it even made a small cameo in the Halloween episode of Fox’s Raising Hope. (I can totally imagine Martha Plimpton, circa 1982, rocking out to a band like The Postelles.)

Now the band has just announced a June 7 release date for their self-titled debut album and in advance of the album’s release, they’ve put out a second video – this time for the song “Sleep on the Dance Floor”. The song had already been released as part of the “White Night” EP, but the band is currently offering the track for free download on their website. It’s another great little song with all the qualities that made “White Night” such a charmer: bouncy tempos, bright guitar harmonies, and singalong melodies that work hard to cover up a story of nightlife burnout. “Oh your little problems. Well they’re overblown. And you think I’ll solve them. Well I can’t, and I won’t.” The video is appropriately D.I.Y. meets Happy Days. Check it out here: