According to, changes might be in store for American Idol’s 8th season. If adding a fourth judge (Kara DioGuardi) wasn’t enough, here are the other rumored changes that are supposed to be announced later on Monday along with my thoughts underneath. (Feel free to add your thoughts below in the comments section.)

Less audition shows and more Hollywood shows.
To me, this is a strong move as I don’t usually pay attention to the goofy audition shows. However, I do know people who only watch the audition shows and lose interest once they move to Hollywood.

Instead of the top 24, there will be a top 36.
I’m not so sure this is as strong of a move. Usually, there are questionable selections in the top 24 and it’s not all that hard to whittle down. You can tell the difference and rarely am I ever surprised with more than one or two that make the final twelve. I wonder if they’re opening it up because they think they’ve missed on a few in the past?

The wild card round will return.

I always loved this idea. There have been some good choices by the judges and some bad ones as well (Carmen Rasmussen anyone?). But it adds a sense of unpredictability to the selections. It also gives the judges a bit of power to put someone back on that America gets wrong.

“Idol Gives Back” will be every other year.

I’m not necessarily a fan of that particular show, but I always thought the idea behind it was great and showed that while American Idol is usually all about American Idol, it can also be about giving back. I think it’s a mistake, but then again, maybe they think they need to focus on the core show this year.

What does everyone else think? The show is very long in the tooth, but it still delivers the ratings. Are these changes good for the longevity of the show?

Photo by meagan383 and shared via creative commons.