Amy X Neuburg, assuming her bio is accurate – and if she was gonna make stuff up, she’d probably be funnier about it – has degrees in linguistics and voice from Oberlin College and Oberlin Conservatory and an MFA in electronic music from

Amy X Neuburg

Amy X Neuburg

the Mills College CCM. She claims a 4-octave vocal range, which is (figuratively) incredible, and would be literally incredible without the evidence of her CDs. She has composed for voices and chamber ensembles (often with looping electronics) include Robin Cox Ensemble, Present Music, Santa Cruz New Music Works, Solstice vocal ensemble, Christchurch Arts Centre chorus, Pacific Mozart Ensemble and Del Sol String Quartet. She has also composed extensively for theater and visual media.

Which is all very cool. But she has a page here because she writes songs, sings them, and has made albums variously as Amy X Neuburg & Men; as herself, over loops and samples of her own live performances; and as the leader of the Cello ChiXtet, a trio of cellists plus live electronics.

In case you live near Oakland, it’s worth mentioning that she gives voice lessons and electronic music lessons there. We at Pop Rock Nation have no idea as to her teaching skills, but it seems like an offer worth investigating.

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