Photo is a screen shot from the American Idol YouTube page

Photo is a screen shot from the American Idol YouTube page

On Wednesday night, Ryno said that there would be a surprise that would shake up the show. I didn’t know what it could be, but my first thought was that it would be something to do with the save that was never used. Maybe they would get to use it one more time? Well, I was close.

After Wednesday night’s show, I wrote that I thought Kree (Summer) would go home. But as I was discussing the show with our own George Bounacos, I forgot an important American Idol rule.

When a contestant receives nothing but praise for most of the season and finally receives a brow beating by the judges, that contestant’s fanbase will come out in droves to save them. There’s no way Kree (Summer) was leaving on Thursday.

Who rocked the stage?

Stefano Langone from season 10 performed a song called Yes To Love and maybe the thing that stood out most is that all four women are much better than he is. He loses to Janelle too. At least beats Lazaro.

Nicki tries to imagine a Stefano vs. Lazaro final.

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Another person who is worse than the four remaining women is Lee DeWyze, who also performed on the show. He did his best Phillip Phillips impersonation and he was only about half as good as Phillip. I’m still hoping a story comes out in the future that they miscounted and DeWyze didn’t really win. Free Crystal Bowersox!

Who were in the bottom two?

Ryno put the women into two groups. In one group was the top two and in another, the bottom two.

Amber and Angie were placed in separate groups, which meant one of them was in the bottom two. Candice was placed with Amber and Kree with Angie.

Ryno said that Candice and Amber were in the bottom two and the judges looked a bit confused with that one. Yep, the Idol rule lives on.

Who went home?

Ryno was about to announce who was going home, but he gave a huge tell. Instead of saying, “The person going home is,” he said, “The person who could be going home is,” which spoiled the surprise.

Of course, he said no one was going home. Because the judges didn’t use the save, there was an extra week before the final. They will combine this week’s votes with next week’s to see who goes home. Amber fans, y’all better start voting now.