Screen shot via American Idol's YouTube channel

Screen shot via American Idol’s YouTube channel

There wasn’t going to be any shenanigans this time.

Last week, Ryno didn’t eliminate anyone. This week, someone would not only be eliminated, but the votes from the last two weeks would decide who went home. Thus, since Candice and Amber were in the bottom two at the end of last week’s show, they were already in a hole.

After Wednesday night’s show, here’s how I ranked the remaining contestants:

1. Candice
2. Angie
3. Amber
4. Kree (Summer)

But because Amber was already in the bottom two last week, I predicted that she would go home. I think Kree has one more week. Let’s see if I was right.

But first…

Who rocked the stage?

Season 7 winner, David Cook performed his new single Laying Me Low. His performance was a bit uninspired, but it was good to see him.

Will.I.Am. performed a song from The Great Gatsby soundrack, Bang Bang. I’m not quite sure what to think because it’s cheesy, but it’s also much better than his general fare. Take a look for yourself.

Who were in the bottom two?

Ryno first let us know who made it to next week. The selling point for next week is that they get to go home and get celebrated.

The first person to make it through was Angie. I think it’s really her show to lose.

The second person to make it through is the best singer of them all, Candice.

That left Amber and Kree in the bottom two, which is how you would’ve predicted it.

Who went home?

As predicted, it was Amber who went home. In one of the more touching send-offs, Amber sang I Believe In You And Me and broke down at the end with her father right next to her. Definitely a tear-jerking moment.

If Candice is sent home next week, we will have an interesting discussion. And maybe rage. Or Nicki may just combust.

By Fierce Gifs