Tonight, two contestants go home. And they can blame the judges for saving Casey. The save is good for TV, but it’s sort of unfair. If America wanted Casey to go home, he should’ve gone home. Now, two people who aren’t Casey will have to go home all because of favoritism. But that’s show biz.

J. Lo Booty Alert
J. Lo is wearing another short, glittery dress, but again, we see no backside. You really have to try hard to not show backside when J. Lo is on the screen. And somehow they are able to do it.

Lauren and Scotty are singing I Told You So. They are looking into each other’s eyes, trying to stir up emotion of love and love lost. Yet they are only teenagers. Ryan brings them both into the center. And they are both safe. That was a lay-up.

I read a rumor that Casey and Haley are dating. And they are sitting right next to each other tonight.

James is showing off his personalized WWE spinner belt with Crazy James engraved on it.

Naima and Jacob are singing Solid. Together, they are solid as a rock. One is in the bottom three and one is safe. Naima is in the bottom three again, while Jacob is safe.

Fantasia is performing and her hair is shiny and light brown with a huge curl on top. Poor girl also gained back a lot of weight. She’s still one of my favorite Idol contestants ever. If Jacob is worried about his style being too much for Idol, he just has to look at Fantasia. If she can win, so can Jacob.

Haley, Thia, and Pia are performing Teenage Dream. Katy Perry must have some sort of charm, because that’s a terrible song and it was terrible with the three of them singing it. Pia is safe and Haley and Thia fight it out to stay out of the bottom two. It’s Thia. The lesson here is to show your boobs more.

James, Stefano, Paul and Casey are performing together. Stefano should be shaking in his boots right now. Stefano is on the keys and the other three are on guitar. Casey is safe. James is safe. No surprises so far, but if Stefano is safe over Paul, that would be a bit of a surprise. I’m rooting for Stefano here. Surprise! Paul is in the bottom three.

Jamie Foxx and are on the stage together performing Hot Wings. This is pretty awful. What’s funny is that Jaime Foxx can actually sing. But when you go the route, you just tell everyone you’re dumbing down your stuff to hit. Thankfully, it’s a song for a kids’ movie so the dumbing down isn’t as bad.

Naima, Paul, and Thia are in the bottom three and two of them will go home. Paul is safe and Thia and Naima are going home. The moral of this story if you’re Naima is that if you try to be creative and everyone doesn’t feel it, you make yourself memorable for the wrong reason. As for Thia, the lesson learned is that interesting vocals don’t always work if you don’t have that stage presence. I never truly felt that Thia thought she could win. It was written all over her face (Rude Boys voice).

Photo of Fantasia by Wikipedia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license