I write two American Idol blogs per week. On Wednesday’s contest portion of the show, I blog for Popblerd! which is run by the guy who used to run this blog, Money Mike. And on the elimination show, I blog here, which I’ve been doing for the last couple of years. This year, I’ve been incorporating tweets into my Wednesday blog to give it more of a “live” feel, even though I generally write it five hours after the show has already been broadcasted live on the East Coast.

I missed one tweet last night that pretty much described my feeling on who is going to go home tonight. My homegirl Michelle was a little bothered that I decided to omit her fantastic tweet, but I had to let her know that I simply missed it. The show goes fast when you’re searching through Twitter to find good tweets. However, she let me know what she said in a comment today.

I had to work late last night and watched the show from Stefano’s performance on. During his performance I kept thinking, I know Stefano “just can’t stop” but I wish he would! It’s a bummer becuase I’ve liked him from the beginning but now he’s getting annoying. He’s trying way too hard. J. Lo will definitely shed tears when he leaves the show.

Stefano was singing Ne-Yo’s Closer and he continuously sang the lyric, “I just can’t stop.” Michelle, and others, wished he would’ve.

J. Lo Booty Alert
As usual, J to the LO (hello) looks hot to deaf. But there wasn’t even a glimpse of the backside action.

Stefano and Jacob start out singing Hey Soul Sister. Haley and Lauren chime in. It was not good.

I have finally figured out where I’ve seen Jacob’s dance moves.

Scotty, James, and Casey are singing Viva La Vida. This was much better. However, what I don’t get is why aren’t they having the kids harmonize like they were in groups if they want them to sing as a group?

Ryno asked Jacob about being called a diva by his fellow contestants. He said that it wasn’t in a bad way while James was shaking his head. Scotty said there was a cupcake named after him in his hometown. And Casey held up a painting someone made of him. They surely needed to fill two minutes or something.

Ryno tells Casey and Jacob to stand up. Casey is safe because of the J. Lo kiss and Jacob is in the bottom three for his diva-ness.

David Cook is on stage singing The Last Goodbye. It’s a nice little ditty, but I’m not running over anyone to buy it on iTunes. Cook brought his mom up to the stage so she could meet Steven Tyler. I think Tyler snuck in a lip lock there like usual. Daddy Cook may get some action tonight now that his wife is all hot and bothered.

Ryno has Stefano, James, and Lauren on the stage. Stefano is in the bottom three, as predicted. Lauren and Big Game James are safe. Haley and Scotty are up and I would put big money on Scotty being safe here. Of course, Scotty was safe. But soon thereafter, Ryno also told Haley that she was safe, so she wasn’t in the bottom three for long.

Katy Perry is singing E.T., which would’ve been pretty cool if Kanye West was there, but unfortunately, we only got young Katherine. I think it would’ve been cool if she came out with some Reeces Pieces, but alas, she wasn’t creative enough. I get why this song is popular, but it’s pretty drab and boring until Kanye’s verses. Ok! Kanye is there! I should’ve expected it. He rarely misses an opportunity to be seen on camera in front of large audiences. Go Yeezy.

Yep, Stefano is going home. Both Michelle and I called it. Actually, I don’t think it was that hard of a choice. I bet many people figured he was going home. He should be ok with going home. When he gets home, it will be groupie central time. He sings Lately as his goodbye song which was one of his better performances. If he sang like this last night, he wouldn’t have gone home.

It reminded me of maybe the greatest performance of Lately ever. Wait until about the 1:10 moment.

Seacrest out!

Photo of David Cook by Wikipedia and was released into the public domain