You know, it’s really hard for me to continue loving some of the icons I grew up listening to when they turn out to be complete assholes as people.

Case in point: Prince.

I am a HUGE Prince fan: Sign O’ The Times, in my opinion, is the best album ever made by anyone. Period. And I can think of another 3 or 4 Prince albums that would probably finish in my Top 30. I love him despite the fact that he’s a contrary, egomaniacal so-and-so. It takes a lot of brainpower, though, to separate my love for his music from my contempt for his actions.

Case in point: Prince has lashed out at his own fan sites, suing them to prevent them from using his name and likeness. Let me re-read that in case you’re rubbing your eyes: He is targeting his own fan sites, sites filled with people who love his music, asking them to stop using his name and likeness (and OK, maybe a video or two) without any sort of financial compensation.

First of all, dude, it’s obvious that you ain’t poor.

Second of all, it’s probably not wise to target people who run out and buy everything you put your name on. Prince fans are among the most ardent, loyals fans of any artist I can think of. If Prince dropped doody on a stick, people would buy it. Oh wait, he already did. It was called “Lovesexy”, “Batman” and “The Rainbow Children”.

Third, does Prince realize what a complete jackass this makes him look like?

Anyway, I guess I’d better not put up a picture of him. I might get sued.