What can you say about a long-bearded swamp rocking trio from Texas who’ve capered joyfully down one narrow musical road for more than thirty years, establishing themselves as one of the best blues rock outfits this side of Muddy Waters?

That about covers it.

So go listen… to such essential songs as LaGrange, Pearl Necklace, Cheap Sunglasses, and Tush. Notice how, even when they shucked the sloppiness, plugged in synthesizers, and became MTV sensations with flashy and clever videos like the ones for Legs, Gimme All Your Lovin’, and Sharp Dressed Man, they never lost their authenticity. Under the slick 80’s veneer, they were still the boogie kings.

And today? Well… given a hunk of wood from Mr. Waters’ shack, they made a guitar out of it, named it Muddywood, and sent it on tour to benefit the Delta Blues Museum. That’s testament to their heart. Furthermore, they have just been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That’s testament to their spirit. The rest is their music. And buddy, ZZ Top
is still chooglin’.