Ken Turetzky

Ken Turetzky

Ken Turetzky is a comic musician who plays original blues, rock, and folk songs mostly in venues in and around Dallas, Texas.  His music appears on his EP Look What I Made! (2003) and on Red Peters’ 2007 compilation album, The Best Of The Red Peters Comedy Music Hour Volume 1.

Turetzky’s anti-love song “Her Shit Don’t Stink” was featured on The Red Peters Comedy Music Hour on Sirius XM.  Other original Turetzy gems include “My Fat Ass Itches” and “Why Don’t You Get A Job”.  Aside from his appearance The Red Peters’ Comedy Music Hour, Turetzky has also been a guest performer on the Sirius-XM Howard 101, Raw Dog Comedy and National Lampoon Radio channels, as well as on many podcasts.

Turetzky’s musical style could best be described as bluesy with a bad attitude.  His lyrics are frankly cynical, irreverent, and unromantic, with a healthy dash of sarcasm.  He also plays a mean acoustic guitar.

Ken Turetzky performing “Her Shit Don’t Stink”.

Ken Turetzky performing “Why Don’t You Get A Job”.