Chris Brown has become pop & R&B music’s reigning teen idol. With looks, moves and a voice that suggests prime-era Michael Jackson and Usher,  Brown’s high-energy songs and videos are a near constant on the radio and TV.

Brown took an interest in song and dance early in life, and was encouraged to become an entertainer by his mother. L.A. Reid signed Brown to a record contract at the tender age of 15, and immediately gathered up a string of producers, writers and guest artists to appear on Brown’s debut. Debut effort Chris Brown came out in late 2005, and became an instant success. Brown’s boyish good looks and athletic dance moves earned him swoons from millions of teenage girls, as well as their moms. Hit singles like Run It and Yo (Excuse Me Miss) lit up radio airwaves, and a stunning dance routine during a Grammy tribute to James Brown earned Chris respect far beyond the teen set.

Before beginning work on his second album, Brown expanded into film, appearing in the films Stomp the Yard and This Christmas. With those roles filmed, Brown unleashed his second album, Exclusive. Successfully avoiding the sophomore slump, Brown hit chart gold with the Top Five singles Kiss Kiss, Forever and With You, while also embarking on a successful tour. Around this time, rumors began to fly that Brown was involved with sexy teen starlet Rihanna, a coupling that both singers have coyly avoided discussing. With more movie roles and hit records in his future, it’s not farfetched to think that Chris Brown may one day be mentioned in the same breath as the greats he idolizes.