Bryan Scary was a film student in New Jersey when he decided to use his talent for visuals in rock music stage shows instead. Playing every instrument except drums, he recorded a theatrical glam-pop debut album called the Shredding Tears (2006), then hired a band to help him perform his music while he dressed in weird costumes, told stories, and acted out set pieces with scenery and props. In 2008, his band helped him record Flight of the Knife, a similar album in style but more virtuosic (and newly obsessed with airplanes, blimps, and rockets).

In 2009 the band released a calmer 6-song EP, Mad Valentines, while raising money on Kickstarter – $16,000 all told; we’re not talking Amanda Palmer territory – for the lengthy production of a musical about the Old West, cowboys, con artists, industrialization, and robots. In 2012, the resulting album Daffy’s Elixir was released.


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Daffy’s Elixir