Those lucky Billboard people got to hear six tracks from the new Green Day album, “21st Century Breakdown”. Green Day’s been one of my favorite bands since “Dookie”, and unlike a lot of folks, I didn’t abandon them in the decade between that seminal album and “American Idiot”. I’m actually one of the few folks out there who can say they liked “Warning”. Conversely, I’ve gotta say that it took a long time for “Idiot” to finally blow me away.While everyone was busy proclaiming it the best album of 2004, I was fairly unimpressed, but I’ve got to say that the album has held up extremely well over the years and with 4 1/2 years hindsight, I’ll say it’s almost as good as people said it was at the time.

Anyway, it looks like “Breakdown” will be similar to “Idiot” in that it’s sort of a “rock opera” with a storyline and three “acts”. This album will also be politically charged, although not to the extent that “Idiot” was.

“21st Century Breakdown” comes out in early May, which means that we should be hearing a single shortly. I can’t wait!! In the meantime, let’s kick it old school with the “When I Come Around” video, which I remember getting played on MTV every 10 minutes-back when they actually played videos.