After trading barbs in the press with her boss, RCA executive Clive Davis, Kelly Clarkson has decided to patch things up. For the past several months, the two have been locked in a tug of war over the fact that Clarkson bristled at (and ultimately refused) Davis’s suggestion that Clarkson’s current album, “My December”, be adjusted a bit (by outside songwriters) to make the album more pop-friendly. Kelly, who co-wrote every one of the album’s tracks, has hit below the belt several times, referring to Davis’s fairly advanced age (74) in a few interviews. Perhaps Clarkson’s worried about the effect her comments have had on sales-while “December” (which is actually a solid piece of work, think Pat Benatar with a little splash of Pink) has sold a solid half-million copies in a month, the two singles from the album have failed to make a significant dent at radio, and the album will have a long way to go before even coming close to the 6 million sales recorded by her last album, 2004’s “Breakaway”.