Is Taylor Swift pop music’s biggest star?

Check out my man Big Money Mike’s Chart Stalker post for this week:

Well, reports immediately started flying around suggesting that Taylor would come close to the coveted million mark, and now the dust has settled for the week, and Swift scores the biggest debut week for an album in half a decade. “Speak Now” starts with nearly 1.05 million units, EASILY making it this week’s #1 album.

Mike goes on to note that Swift is only the second female artist to sell at least one million albums in the first week of release. Britney Spears performed the trick with her second album, at a time when many more albums were being sold weekly.

So who is pop music’s biggest current star? Eminem? Lil’ Wayne? I still go with Swift. She reaches so many different demographics, including the one that is most important when the goal is to sell albums. She reaches the music buying audience.