Two of the most anticipated singles of the past couple of years have hit radio waves over the past few days. What’s the verdict?

Guns ‘n Roses Chinese Democracy:

A day that many of us thought would never come is fast approaching: “Chinese Democracy” hits stores on November 23rd, after a fifteen-year wait between Guns ‘n Roses albums. Although G’N R are stiffing retail by making this album available at only Best Buy stores, there’s no doubt that fans will beg, borrow and steal if they can to get their hands on this release.

The first single is the title track, and…it’s not bad!! Axl is in full snarl mode, the guitar (played by whom, I dunno) is G’NR-like, and my only qualm is that the song has no chorus. Even the band’s most aggressive stuff (like “You Could Be Mine”) had a singable quality to it, and this song is fairly deficient when it comes to pure ear candy. Nevertheless, the fans will eat it up, and Axl can rest easy and make us wait another fifteen years to put out an album.

…and am I on crack or does the beginning of the song remind you a little bit of “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness?

Chinese Democracy – Guns N Roses

Eminem I’m Having a Relapse

Slim Shady has been sliding down the slippery slope of suck for quite some time, and the first single from his upcoming “Relapse” doesn’t stop the slide. Not only is Em’s slow-paced production style becoming more and more grating with each passing year, but it seems like he hasn’t grown out of the silly shock-value lyrics that were interesting ten years ago, but now…? BOOOOR-ING. He’s also still doing the Triumph the Insult Comic Dog impression that was tired back when he did it on “Ass Like That”. Has Eminem fallen off harder than any rapper in history? You listen to the song and be the judge.

(by the way, this is only the first verse. It’s probably all you need to hear).

Im Having A Relapse (Video And Lyrics) – Eminem