Forcing the Top 5 to take on the ultimate song stylist, even with Harry Connick’s brilliant help, was a tough assignment.  Had Siobhan not gone home last week (sigh), she certainly would have been gone this week.  Or she would’ve carried SummerWind to a place Simon Cowell called cabaret.

But the previous week’s votes were just as interesting. SonicClashers, usually a pretty uniform group, were absolutely split on who to send home.  True, more than a third selected Siobhan–heck, I had her in The Bottom Two–but there were plenty of votes for Mike and Aaron continues to get his share.    Let’s remember the GG/George rundown on this year’s American Idol top finishers recorded when the final 12 were announced.

Crystal, Lee, Siobhan (“…and don’t be surprised to see Aaron emerge as a dark horse and finish fourth”)

After getting 5 of 6 last year and potentially 3 of 4 this year, I”m feeling pretty cocky this year with my fancy 80% success rate.  If only my score this year was better than GG’s.  But there are plenty of scores that are looking really good.  Here is our Leader Board:

MT – 12 points
Yoel / Joel – 11 points each (a tie–how cool!)
Cindy – 10 points

and a whole mess of people around 8 and 9 points.  Let’s also get the obligatory “GG would be winning with 16 points were he eligible” message out of the way.  Me?  I have 12 because I refused to send Siobhan home last week.

Looking ahead, most folks have Crystal winning the competition, but there are votes for Lee and even a vote for Aaron.  (Don’t look at me.  I picked him fourth).

Ready to vote? Remember, you would win a $25 Amazon gift certificate.


Remember that voting closes the second the EAST COAST version of the results show begins to air.