Like to sing? Want to be part of the Postmodern Jukebox? Scott Bradlee’s looking for talented singers!

I’ve been sitting here all alone in Germany this week because my husband has gone off on a business trip. Because the Internet is my life, most of my friends are of the online variety. They know I’m lonely and bored, so they do what they can to cheer me up. One of my friends introduced me to Scott Bradlee’s music last night when she posted this link to my timeline. Apparently, Scott Bradlee of Postmodern Jukebox is looking for new singers and is running a contest to find them.

Although I like to think I have my finger on the pulse of popular music (HA!), the truth is, until last night I had never heard of Scott Bradlee or his Postmodern Jukebox. A quick look at Wikipedia tells me Scott Bradlee is a YouTube star who plays piano, composes and arranges music, and remakes classic pop songs.

Now, I happen to enjoy singing and I’m fairly good at it. This contest that Scott Bradlee is running, though, may not be my cup of tea. Why? Because he wants video and I hate the way I look on camera. He also wants people to “dress for the part”, which is not so easy for me to do. Still, I listened to the available songs and am a bit intrigued. Are you ready for a Ragtime version of “Sweet Child O’ Mine”?

The artist in me wants to try this…

How about a souped up version of “All About That Bass”?

I have to admit, I don’t know much about the original version of this song… but I like this remake.

Or maybe a new version of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”?

I have to admit, these videos are fun to watch…

This uptempo Jackie Wilson styled version of “My Heart Will Go On” is a hell of a lot more interesting than the original.

What fun!

I’m flattered that several of my friends think I could rock this contest. I might download the album for shits and giggles and play with some of the songs. I don’t know if I’ll get around to entering, but I’m posting this in case any readers are up to the challenge. Interested in the instructions? Here they are.

Dear Singers of the Internet,

Here’s your chance to become part of the Postmodern Jukebox universe…

“So You Think You Can Sing?” is the first official collection of PMJ instrumental tracks, but it’s more than that. I know that there are TONS of amazing vocalists and future PMJ stars all over the world, and I want to find them. So, from now until the end of September, I’ll be searching the #PMJsearch hashtag for one talented singer to make their Postmodern Jukebox video debut. Here’s how to take part:

1) Pick a song from “So You Think You Can Sing?” (available on iTunes now, and coming to Google Play & Amazon) and record a video of yourself singing. Be sure to dress the part.
2) Post the full video to your Facebook page using the hashtag #PMJsearch, and tag @postmodernjukebox. Not on Facebook? Then just post it to YouTube and send us the link.
3) That’s it! I just included a third step because it looked better.

“So, You Think You Can Sing?” This could be your Golden Ticket.

Click the Facebook link to be taken to the post where this appears. Right now, the karaoke versions of the available songs are only available on iTunes, but Scott Bradlee says he will soon make them available elsewhere. Good luck!