Editor’s Note: Because the charts have been friggin’ boring lately, I’m gonna turn the Sunday morning Chart Chat column over every two weeks to Mikey so he can discuss the goings on on the rock charts. Take it away, Mikey! (exits stage left…see y’all next week when we can talk about bands (hopefully) other than Metallica and T.I…damn it, his album’s gonna be #1 next week. Oh, well…

Axl Rose. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Axl Rose. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Mainstream Rock

  1. The Day That Never Comes/Metallica  (6 weeks on chart, Peak#1)
  2. Bad Girlfriend/Theory Of A Deadman (18 weeks on chart, Peak#1)
  3. Rock & Roll Train/AC/DC (5 weeks on chart, Peak#3)
  4. Use Me/Hinder (12 weeks on chart, Peak#3)
  5. Believe/Staind (14 weeks on chart, Peak#4)
  6. I Don’t Care/Apocalyptica Featuring Adam Gontier (14 weeks on chart, Peak#6)
  7. Too Drunk…/Buckcherry (11 weeks on chart, Peak#7)
  8. Psychosocial/Slipknot (14 weeks on chart, Peak#8)
  9. Addicted/Saving Abel (34 weeks on chart, Peak#2)
  10. Train/Three Doors Down (19 weeks on chart, Peak#10)

Analysis: Not much to write about this week as no real movement on the chart.  Metallica regains the #1 spot, otherwise, there was nothing to get excited about…. I wasn’t joking last week about Tesla, their new song I Wanna Live is a rockin’ tune, and should hopefully see movement soon.  Now I’m not the biggest Tesla fan, but I have to give credit where credit is due….  It appears that Chinese Democracy, the much awaited Guns N Roses album, is finally going to come out in November as a Best Buy Exclusive.  Does anybody even care anymore?  It’s only Axl Rose and maybe some contributions from Izzy Stradlin, and should be noted as an Axl solo album.  I don’t expect much….  Speaking of retail exclusives, we already know that AC/DC’s Black Ice album can only be purchased at Wal-Mart, but now a Rock Band 2 track pack featuring AC/DC songs will be exclusive at Wal-Mart as well on November 20th.  Guess this means I’m going to have to suck it up and make a spend.  I wonder if I already have a Wii Guitar for Guitar Hero and a Mic from the American Idol game, can I just shell out $50 for the game, or do I need to buy the whole shebang for $200?…. The new Buckcherry song is catching on as an anthem, and I expect the song to rise up the charts soon…

Modern Rock

  1. You’re Gonna Go So Far Kid/The Offspring (10 weeks on chart, Peak#1)
  2. Troublemaker/Weezer (12 weeks on chart, Peak#2)
  3. Believe/Staind (14 weeks on chart, Peak#1)
  4. Re-Education (Through Labor)/Rise Against (6 weeks on chart, Peak#4)
  5. The Day That Never Comes/Metallica  (6 weeks on chart, Peak#5)
  6. I Don’t Care/Apocalyptica Featuring Adam Gontier (13 weeks on chart, Peak#6)
  7. I’m Not Over/Carolina Liar (22 weeks on chart, Peak#3)
  8. Let It Die/Foo Fighters (26 weeks on chart, Peak#1)
  9. Viva La Vida/Coldplay (17 weeks on chart, Peak#1)
  10. Bad Girlfriend/Theory Of A Deadman (15 weeks on chart, Peak#10)

Analysis:  Theory Of A Deadman can now claim the fact they are relevant on both mainstream and modern rock charts, as the song enters the Top 10 for the first time since being on the chart for 15 weeks…Weezer inches one step closer to the top spot with Troublemaker.  I’m not sold on this new Offspring song, and think Weezer is going to take the top spot pretty soon… Not much to discuss…