While playing basketball on the black concrete courts of Mount Pleasant High School, I had some great times. But I don’t know if I ever secured a triple double. You know, when you get double digits in points, rebounds, and assists. If I did, I’d remember because that would’ve been a good day. Ice Cube remembers.

– Does dude need to be wearing gloves in LA? It doesn’t look cold. Are they for driving? Do thugs wear gloves?

– For it being a good day, Cube still looks angry. I’d hate to see what he’s like on a bad day.

– See, Cube was just messin’ ’round and dude had a triple double. That’s a great day as far as I’m concerned.

– Can you imagine Too Short and Cube watching Yo! MTV Raps? That’s a sitcom right there.

– That 7-11 wasn’t for a slurpee.

– He got laid AND the Lakers beat the Supersonics? Must’ve been a good day.

– That poor butt went right to sleep. Damn good day.

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