I took a bit of a hiatus from the Friday Throwback and I want to give a shout out to Money Mike for picking it up for me. I needed a bit of a break to get the creative juices flowing again. But I’m coming back with a vengeance. Well maybe not, unless you like Joey B. Ellis. Who is Joey B. Ellis for the 95% of you who probably think I need to take a longer hiatus? Um, I’m not really sure. Dude doesn’t even have a wikipedia page. But really, he just wants you to go for it.

– Why is a shirtless Hammer in some tight drawers, introducing the video? I almost forgot. Joey B. Ellis was on his label.

– To be or not to be dope, that’s the question.

– Why do you see Rocky Balboa you ask? Well, this was the lead single to that great movie, Rocky V.

– I know that’s not B Angie B singing background. Where is she these days anyway?

– And while we’re at it, what about Oaktown 3.5.7.?

– I wonder who would’ve won between Joey B. Ellis and The Fresh Prince? We know they couldn’t beat Mike Tyson.

– I think this might hold the record for most versions of the running man in a music video.

– This might be the only video in the world where a girl wearing head gear and a pointed bra twirling the American flag fits right in.

– I think Sly needed to be in the video thinking Joey B. Ellis was Apollo’s son.