Since Billboard is going to start using the Comprehensive Album chart in a couple of weeks, let’s just get a jump and start using it from now going forward.

In a hotly contested week for new releases, Bon Jovi lands at the top of the heap this week. 26 years into a successful career, the band scores yet another number one album with “The Circle” (if my calculations are correct, it’s their fourth, and second straight #1 debut). Jon and Co. start with a not-bad 163,000 sold. Not gangbusters, but then again Bon Jovi have never had particularly mind-blowing first weeks, at least not in the Soundscan era.

Rock bands take the next three debuts, as Flyleaf enters at #8, Switchfoot’s new one comes in at #15, and Dashboard Confessional starts at #21. D.C. rapper Wale opens at #23, and there’s a good chance that number would have been higher if Wale’s record company had moved more units into stores. I rarely have trouble finding anything in Boston, and there were two different stores in Boston that didn’t have product on Tuesday.

The most disappointing debut of the week has to be Britney Spears’ “Singles Collection”. Although it features the #1 single “3”, “Singles” debuts at a comparatively anemic #25, with 27,000 copies sold.

A bigger story than this week’s debuts would be the effect of the Country Music Awards on sales this week. Artist of the year Taylor Swift gets a 30% bump to jump back up to #5, Lady Antebellum jumps 130% in sales to land at #13, and best new artist winner Darius Rucker sees his solo debut jump 80% in sales to jump to #30.

Next week, there should be a very tight battle for the #1 spot. The front-runners are Norah Jones and 50 Cent, who both have had albums score first weeks of a million-plus. But there’s also John Mayer as well as dark horse Kris Allen. We could be looking at a completely new Top 10 at this time next week! Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here’s this week’s Top 20

1) Bon Jovi “The Circle”
2) Andrea Bocelli “My Christmas”
3) Carrie Underwood “Play On”
4) Michael Jackson “This is It”
5) Taylor Swift “Fearless”
6) Various Artists “Now That’s What I Call Music 32”
7) Michael Buble “Crazy Love”
8) Flyleaf “Memento Mori”
9) Soundtrack “Glee”
10) Soundtrack “Twilight: New Moon”
11) Casting Crowns “Peace on Earth”
12) Taylor Swift “The Holiday Collection”
13) Lady Antebellum “Lady Antebellum”
14) Sting “If On a Winter’s Night”
15) Switchfoot “Hello Hurricane”
16) Tim McGraw “Southern Voice”
17) Zac Brown Band “Foundation”
18) Jay-Z “Blueprint 3”
19) Miley Cyrus “Time of Our Lives EP”
20) Owl City “Ocean Eyes”